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is a free platform where all freelancers in the education and training field such as SETA accredited freelancer trainers or facilitators, assessors, moderators and SDF’s also known as Skills Development Facilitators can list themselves in any of our free categories such as freelancer facilitators, assessors, moderators or freelance SDF’s or Skills Development Facilitators for any job opportunities in South Africa.

SETA accredited Trainers, Assessors and Moderators

Here you can search our free job adverts or qualified SETA accredited trainers, assessors, moderators and developers including SETA programme developers or Training companies in any region. Listing is totally free for all jobs and online listings of freelancer trainers, assessors and moderators including SDF’s. All freelancer assessors and moderators including the SDF’s or Skills Development Facilitators is required to be SETA Accredited before registering on the website to comply with the SAQA policies. Visit TrainingDirect here to register you today as a Freelancer Trainer, Assessor or Moderator.

Freelancer Trainer Job Opportunities

Search for SETA accredited facilitators, assessors, moderators, SDF’s or also knows as Skills Development Facilitators per region in South Africa or by field and instantly getting access to personal information such as qualifications, scope and contact details.

Skills Jobs the only free and open source jobs and freelancer listing website in South Africa for SETA accredited facilitators, assessors, moderators and SDF’s including SETA or learning programme developers.

Register today on www.trainingnews.co.za and connect with job opportunities directly and remember our service is totally free.

ETQA Forum

(Education Training Questions and Answers Forum)

This Training Forum has been created to foster friendly discussion and sharing between professional teachers and educators around South Africa. Discussions within the training forum range across all curriculum areas and the forum can also be used as a content management system for teachers, trainers, assessors, moderators, SDF’s and Training Providers to share resources and ideas.


Venue Hire

Are you looking for Training Venue’s, conference or office space? Try our free training and conference venue hire in South Africa. Listings are totally free for any related venue hire establishments.

Training Provider listing and courses

Are you looking for Training Providers or specific courses to meet your needs? Either visit Training Provider listings or subscribe to the fortnight newsletter with a detailed listing of upcoming courses in your area. No need to head hunt a Training Provider, rather let them contact you back with by simply completing a contact form.

Corporate Courseware

Corporate Courseware is a group of training material developers and associates who specialise in different fields in the education and training industry. We save you time, money, the frustration of finding exactly what you are looking for and the uncertainty of not knowing whether your purchases will meet your requirements.

We have the following products available which may be branded, customised and printed-on-demand:

  • Aligned and accreditation-ready Unit Standards.
  • Aligned and accreditation-ready Skills Programmes.
  • Aligned and accreditation-ready Qualifications.
  • RPL Tool Sets.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training Kits (aligned & un-aligned).
  • Soft Skills Training packs developed for workshop/short course training (un-aligned).
  • A range of un-aligned Skills Courses.

And offer the following services:

  • Assistance with the set-up of Quality Management Systems (QMS).
  • Assistance with accreditation of skills programmes and qualifications.
  • Development of aligned Unit Standards, Skills Programmes and Qualifications.
  • Assistance and support with Seta Accreditation.
  • Alignment of existing training material.