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Welcome to||, the free resource forum where everyone is welcome. We allow any listing related Skills Development and is totally free to use.

Here you can:

  • Post FREE Jobs.
  • Apply for Jobs posted.
  • Promote your services as a FREELANCER.
  • Promote your company or organisations services.
  • Ask general questions related to the Training Industry.|| Network is an online social network that is intended to assist those working in the broad areas of training, HR, education and skills development. It is intended to be a platform for networking, asking questions, providing contacts and resources, giving advice and sharing best practice.

Securing contract’s via the|| Network

The|| Network is intend to provide a platform for individuals to procure contract work. Any contracts agreed between members, or members and third parties, are private agreements between the parties and not the responsiblity of the|| Network. The management of the|| Network does not receive any financial benefit from such agreements, and does not provide any security or guarantee.

Face to face meetings

Any service that allows messages to be published (website or newspaper) can be abused by those with ulterior motives.

If you choose to meet in person with someone you have made contact with via the|| Network, or any other message service, you must take precautions to protect your safety.  Meet in a public place and don’t travel alone with anyone you meet for the first time.

Email addresses and contact numbers

The email address and contact numbers you supply when you join the network is spam protected for electronic search tools, but human users however will still be able to view your email address if provided in the public profile. If you choose to publish your email address or contact numbers on the|| Network the management of the network accepts no responsibility for any spam messages you may subsequently receive. The benefit of this is that prospected employers can make contact with you immediately.

The most important rules – WHEN WE SUSPEND A USERS

  1. All members must be individuals and sign up with their real first and last name.
  2. When adding content to the site only enter it ONCE, in the most relevant section. It is acceptable to post messages that promote your, or your company’s services – but only once. Members who post the same message in various different parts of the site will be suspended, in other words who spam our website, rather than promoting their services. You are however allowed to provider your contact details on forums for users requesting services or products.
  3. Don’t attack anyone personally, some discussions deal with sensitive issues – give your opinions honestly, disagree where necessary, but don’t attack the person.
  4. EVERYONE is welcome. This is a FREE and TRANSPARENT Network and we do not believe in suspending users or companies based on the type of services we offer. Everyone is welcome.
  5. Contacts or adverts that is reported of a criminal nature such as providing false information or conning.

The management of the|| Network reserve the right to add to or amend the rules as they see fit.