TETA Tender notice: Research

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Enabel, the Belgian development agency, would like to invite you to submit a proposal for the public services contract of SAF068 – ‘The assessment of the readiness of DHET identified TVET colleges to offer maritime programmes into their curriculum’.

The South African – Belgian Cooperation programme “Building Academic Partnerships for Economic Development” (BAPED) aims to contribute to the economic development of South Africa through the establishment of a network between South African and Belgian academic institutions. The specific objective of the scholarship programme is to build the foundations for longstanding partnerships between South African and Belgian institutions aimed at improving business-oriented skills development, training and research in a limited number of priority areas that are key for the economic development of the country.

As part of this project, a study is required to assess the readiness of identified TVET colleges (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) to offer maritime programmes into their curriculum . The study is focused on assisting these public institutions to deliver programmes in maritime education and training (MET) and will focus on the readiness of the DHET identified TVET institutions to offer maritime occupational qualifications (QCTO) as well as identifying alternative learning pathways in order to reduce the high cost of MET which may include, but not be limited to, investigating the possibility and resourcing requirements of a digital migration of maritime subjects within the TVET and HEI sectors (i.e. e-learning or blended-learning platforms).

Please consult the Enabel website to find the Tender Specifications.

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